Staub La Cocotte Pannekakepanne 30 cm Sort


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Staub La Cocotte Pannekakepanne 30 cm Sort

Varekode: 40509-526-0

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Base Diameter: 28.5 cm
Diameter: 30 cm
Heat Resistance: yes
Height: 6.6 cm
Induction Compatibility: yes
Length: 53.2 cm
Weight: 2.4 kg
Width: 28.7 cm


The black pancake pan from Staub makes it easy for you to prepare delightful pancakes and crêpes. It is very flat in shape so that you can easily flip thin pancakes or crêpes. Another advantage of this pan is the fact that it is made out of cast iron, which transmits heat ideally and distributes it over the entire surface of the pan to the outer edges. As a result, all food is cooked evenly no matter where it is on the pan.

The round pancake pan from Staub has a diameter of 30cm, and thanks to its weight, it sits completely flat, making good contact to the source of heat. Thanks to its cast-iron handle, the Staub pancake pan is easy to use and can be used on any type of cooker, including an induction hob. Extremely thin crêpes even turn out perfectly in this pan.

Both children and adults alike are thrilled by pancakes and crêpes made in this pan from Staub. They can be served with many types of confections, including apple sauce, jam, fruit or a sugar-cinnamon spread. With this pan, you can always create new pancake dishes that are easy to flip and cook thanks to the pan’s cast iron and shallow structure.

Enamelled cast iron
For crisp, sweet and savoury crêpes
Including distributor and turner
Easy-care and easy to clean
Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction