Design House Stockholm Short Scarf Chocolate brown Kun 1 igjen

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Fashion fades, only style remains the same. Created in 1997 by Marianne Abelsson, the Pleece collection has changed very little over the years. Some models have been added. The colours change slightly as the seasons come and go. But it’s still based on the same timeless simplicity and quality that never goes out of style. The fabric is still manufactured and pleated in Borås, Sweden. And it is still one of Design House Stockholm’s best selling products, sold in MoMA Store, New York, for more than 10 years. 
The Pleece collection is made by a unique blend of polyester and viscose, that sets it apart from other fleece fabrics. Also, the pleating process gives the fleece extra volume and softness. The fabric retains its pleating after washing. Suitable for both men and women, for indoor and outdoor use alike, the Pleece collection has turned into a modern classic. 

Material: Polyester and viscose. Wash 40°C. Tumble or flat dry.


 Dimensions: 30 x 140 cm

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