Revol Basalt bolle Ø17 cm x H 5,5 cm

Revol Basalt bolle Ø17 cm x H 5,5 cm

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Revol Basalt bolle Ø17 cm x H 5,5 cm

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Made with dyed clay, this collection perfectly imitates natural slate: same cut-out shape and same visual characteristics but with all of the advantages of porcelain.


The pieces soften over 2 or 3 washes and over time acquire a light patina.


The pieces have a lightly hollow shape to gather juices in their centre. The grip has been made easy on round pieces as well as those with elevated edges. The most used flat pieces come with a wood support.


Does not scratch or crumble, fired at 1320°C, nonporous, Basalt is much more solid than any other natural slate.


With rectangular and square plates and a large bowl, the range has been enriched with new hollow shapes. 
Made of culinary porcelain and covered in a satin enamel, this new ?satin whitefinish expresses a style that is both rustic and modern, where each piece invites creativity. This new enamel will particularly complement your desserts, fish, and raw meats.


This individual salad bowl with a slate effect is aimed at serving your finest culinary creations. Fruit salads, mixed salads, stir-fry vegetables, ramen, noodles, bisque and all other culinary creations will be enhanced by this individual slate-effect salad bowl. This salad bowl is also the perfect small individual dish to set alongside a drink at the bar: lobster, fish in sauce, raviolis, vegetarian food, hummus, etc. The simple tones of this gourmet bowl bring out all the great colours of your culinary presentations in an original way. The rest is up to you!