Sage Brødrister Luxe Toast Select Sølv

Sage Brødrister Luxe Toast Select Sølv

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Sage Brødrister Luxe Toast Select Sølv

Varekode: BTA 735 BSS

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kr 1 599,00


Capacity 2 Slices
Construction Materials Brushed Stainless Steel
Dimensions 34(W) X 20(D) X 20(H)
LED Progress Indicator Countdown display shows how much time is left in the toasting cycle.
Power 1000 Watts
Reheat Button If your toast has popped up & gone cold, press 'reheat' to warm it up again.
Settings 6 Bread Settings:
(White, Fruit, Brown, Rye, Grain, Crumpet)
Voltage 220–240 Volts
Warranty 1 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty


The Toast Select ™Luxe adjusts the toasting time for each type of bread. 'Lift & Look'™ to check if it's done. Press 'A Bit More' ™' to give it just that… a little bit more. Follow toasting progress with the LED countdown indicator. Crafted with brushed stainless steel in premium metallic finishes and chrome accents.